How to Stay Focused on Homework: An Interesting Approach

Everyone knows to keep distractions away helps keeping focused. As keeping materials close at hand helps to not have to break concentration as well. But what of other techniques that have not been discussed much to help stay focused? What other things can the student do to help stay focused on their homework? Here are some different tips to help.

  1. Keep a Journal
  2. Create New Habits
  3. Good Diet
  4. Use a Calendar
  5. Time Management

Keep a Journal

Yes, Keep a Journal. If the student already does this, then add this information to it. It's best to start early with this project, as people change, and some as a kid may not work when they enter college, but most will. As the student finds techniques that help them stay focused, write them down and look at them every day to keep reminded what worked and what did not. Everyone is different, and what works for one student, may or may not work for another. Keeping logged in the journal what works, and what failed, helps the student develop better study habits.

Create New Habits

Doing homework, is work. If the student looks at it any differently, they will have trouble dealing with it. So just like any job, creating habits that help get the work done, improves focus and performance.

Good Diet

Keeping the right level of blood sugar, has been proven to help with focusing. Too much is just as bad as too little. Keeping snack in easy to reach places, and limiting the amount they can have, helps. Crackers and healthy snacks are good for the student. Having sweet snacks, or junk food, does not give a good diet, so can work just the opposite.

Use a Calendar

Set dates for exams, and what exams are going to be on what day. Also set dates for social activities, so they can be planned around, and monitored. Too many social activities make it hard to do effective studying, too little is not good either.

Time Management

Manage the time, as studying is work, breaks need to be taken. Also planning time for breaks, activities, and studying what, when, helps a lot. Do not overburden the student, but using affective time tables for every aspect helps to organize their habits and make the best use of their time. This creates an effective environment for the student to work in.

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