The Principles Of Homework Motivation For Students With ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (in short “ADHD”) is a neurodevelopment psychiatric disorder which is mostly found in children. It is very similar to hyperkinetic disorder. Children who have ADHD mostly find difficulty in executive functions like attention control and inhibitory controls which causes them attention deficits, impulsiveness or hyperactivity. These symptoms begin between the age six to twelve but the cause of such disease is mostly unknown.

ADHD management involves life-style changes, counseling and some medications. Medications are only given to children who have severe symptoms of ADHD. Rest with moderate symptoms improves by changing their lifestyle or by counseling. Then there are also treatments with stimulants but it is only effective up to 14 months. ADHD’s treatment remedies have been controversial since the year 1970.

The principles of homework motivation for students with ADHD are complex. Here is the generalized script for your perusal.

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