How to Hire an Experienced Assignment Writer

When looking for a writer who is experienced enough to know the difference between a contraction and a conjunction, it is best to set a test that must be completed satisfactorily. This test should include:

Writing challenge

Have prospective writers write an assignment that is a little bit out of their comfort zone. This will allow you to see how well they can handle thinking outside the box and how well they can research something they know little of. This way you put to test not only their writing ability but also their capability to intellectually work their way through the assignment. Some writers, even if they write very well, are only good in one field, which is why it is important to challenge them to work out of what they are used too.

Time management

See how well writers can handle a time slot in which to finish their project. Depending on the length of the assignment you can determine how long the writers should have to work on it, this allows you to see who can work under pressure and who cannot. Sometimes there will be a writer who can write exceptionally well but is hopeless at managing time, a matter such as this must be left up to the boss to determine if hiring is worth it.

Grammar traps

In order to gauge the writer’s experience give him or her a sheet filled with grammar traps. If the writers are able to correctly identify grammatical errors and properly name such things as conjunctives without leading to conjecture then you know that the writer applying does indeed have the experience you are looking for. You are not making this test to be mean, simply saving yourself some time by determining the experience of this writer now instead of after he or she has already been hired.

Ask to see previous work

Since you are doing the hiring you are perfectly in your rights to ask to see previous work from someone applying for the job. If the writer is reluctant in showing anything he or she has worked on in the past this could lead the entire interview into question. If the writer is new and did not have a previous job from which he or she can show you what they worked on then ask to see a college paper that got a good grade, or some other work the writer did in private that lead him or her to believe they had writing skills.

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