Do You Really Think Homework Should Be Banned From School?

It is not a new concept. As early as the 1920s, even doctors were concerned that the added burden of homework assignments could have a detrimental effect on children's health. Nowadays, the idea of banning homework still generates plenty of debate. Not just from teachers and students, but parents are also anxious to weigh in with their opinions too.

Some people believe that homework places too much stress on students, and eats into “family time”. They claim that there is no hard evidence that proves that students learn more, or faster, when they have assignments to complete outside of the classroom.

On the opposite side of the table, sit those with a pro-homework position. They say that there is simply too much course material to cover, and it must be completed within a given time. To ban homework would mean that our youth would fall further and further behind the rest of the world in their studies.

What do you think? Should homework be banned? Here are some of the major arguments that are made by those who support the movement to ban and homework, and also by those who continue to see it as a necessary part of student life.

Those In Favour Of Homework Assignments Say:

Students need to learn discipline and review the material that they study at school during the day at home. Assignments completed on their own time help reenforce the material that was learned earlier in the day. The more review that is done, the greater the percentage of the course material a student will be able to recall.

Those Against Homework Assignment Argue:

Kids, especially younger children, need at least six hours a day to enjoy fresh air, exercise, and “down time”. The amount of homework that is often assigned to school children nowadays eats into the already limited time that families are able to spend together. Take home assignments make it impossible for some kids to enjoy sports and extracurricular activities. This is especially true for children who learn slower than their classmates.

Those who would like to see homework banned argue that there is no evidence that homework improves the academic performance of children. In some countries, for example Finland, students score very well on skills tests and standardized exams. Yet they receive comparatively less take home work than their other European counterparts. Experiments in German and French schools have seen similar results when homework assignments were reduced, or removed from a school's curriculum all together.

One thing is for certain, and that is that the debate over a homework ban is far from finished!

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