How to Concentrate on Homework: a Tried and Tested Method

Find a work space that is comfortable for you and free from distractions. You might think you can multi task but this is not true. Multitasking really means being able to switch from one task to another without any hesitation. This is a great skill to have but if you are constantly trying to watch a television show in the background and you are also trying to focus on your math problems the result will be frustration and exhaustion. You will find that working in the school library where you are not allowed to talk on the phone and where your parents don’t ask you to do your chores makes it much easier to get homework done.

If you need to study and it does not involve a computer or the internet then try and switch off the internet for the duration of your studying. Not being able to access your social network page or randomly search for a movie you wanted to watch will help you stay focused on your homework. If you are using your email or you are using the internet to research make sure none of your instant messaging features are on. You may not realize they are until a cute friend messages you and you suddenly are distracted from your homework.

Only turn on the computer when you know you need it. If you have to take an online quiz but the study material is your physical textbook avoid turning on the computer until you are done reading the text. Do not leave it on with all of your favorite web pages open. It will be too much of a distraction. Even if you need to write a character analysis on the book you were assigned leave your computer off until you are done with the book and ready to type.

Work for short periods at a time. Set a timer and work for 25-45 minutes at a time. The brain can only stay focused on a singular task for that amount of time anyway before it needs a break. So set a timer. When the timer goes off set it again for five minutes and use that time to take a break. Go for a short walk around the yard or walk away from the computer or make a snack. Do whatever you want in that five minutes to relieve stress and tension.

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