Pros And Cons Of Banning Homework: An Expert's Opinion

Certain states are pushing to ban homework from their schools and many schools have already implemented this big change. This has raised the important question of, “What are the benefits of doing away with this age-old system?” and perhaps more importantly, “What are the disadvantages?”

Total control over learning

Pro: Hundreds—if not thousands—of teachers concur that having complete control over a child’s learning is important in maintaining a balanced curriculum. They claim that homework encourages parents and guardians to sometimes interfere with what is being taught.

Con: However, many parents want to have a certain level of control over their children’s’ learning. They also want to be involved in the teaching process from a relationship aspect.

A stress issue

Pro: According to against homework, providing work that’s to be done at home puts a large amount of stress on children. This is in addition to the stress they already have to perform well at school.

Con: But isn’t pressure a part of life? It seems as if the word “stress” is being used here to replace an old fashioned concept called “responsibility”. Doing work at home is a good way to solidify this concept in the mind of a child.

Ability of parents

Pro: The anti-homework campaign has pointed out that parents are often unable to assist the child in their work; leaving the child alone in his or her endeavours.

Con: The point of handing out extra work is for the child to attempt the solution of a problem on their own in the first place. If the child isn’t able to do this, the teacher is there to pick up on this and remedy the situation with practical teaching.

Time constraints

Pro: Due to extracurricular activities, many children apparently don’t have time to tend to their homework as well as their sports and culture obligations.

Con: Learning balance is an important part of growing up. If someone wants something badly enough, they should be willing to work harder for it if necessary.

A lack of benefits

Pro: Then there are those who claim that there is absolutely no point in giving students work to do at home. They say that the real learning is done in the classroom, not at home.

Con: This is only half true. The point must be raised that having to solve a problem or do work without the help of a teacher is hugely beneficial to a child. It’s also a big part of preparing for exams.

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