How to do your college homework with pleasure

Homework does not need to be unpleasant. One of the main reasons that it seems this way, that homework is in some way a terrible chore, is that it takes over our leisure time: ‘why should I work at home?’ our minds seem to ask. But if we can get over this idea, then homework can actually, oddly, become a pleasure. How? Keep the below in mind, and it may change the way that you view your homework.

Take Responsibility

The best way to make homework less of a chore, more of a pleasure, is to accept responsibility for it: if you are feeling that you ‘have’ to do something, that you are being ‘made’ to do something, it is very natural to resist this. Think, though, ‘this is my homework’, ‘I want to do this homework’, and you will see an immediate change in the feeling.

Plan The Best Time

Sometimes, homework seems to clash with everything that we have planned to do. But, by simply being a little more flexible with social engagements, a little more careful with our planning, we can have time for homework that is set aside for this and this alone. If it stops interfering with fun, homework itself can provide pleasures

Do It with Friends

If you are working in classes at school, then your homework is likely to be the same as that of the entire class. Therefore, you can make study a social occasion, simply by doing it in a group. This has many other benefits, because you can now discuss aspects that you are not certain of, and can give advice; these both aid the learning process.

Make it a Quiz

Liven up your study! Get some friends over, or even a friend, and quiz each other. This may seem a little silly, but if you approach it in the right spirit, i.e. ‘homework is boring, let’s make it less boring, even if that is a bit silly’, then you can actually make it … FUN!

Keep the Radio On

There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that music aids study! Imagine that. So, while it is perhaps best to select instrumental music, because lyrics can be distracting, it is fine, and beneficial, to have that stereo going. So, although you are, if you want to do well, going to need to do your homework, accepting this, changing your attitude, can actually make it a pleasure!

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