Where to Find a Free Online Dictionary for Kids: Homework Help

So your daughter is trying to complete her spelling homework and her teacher asks her to put all of the words in full sentences using the spelling word correctly in the sentence of course. Regularly this wouldn’t be so difficult but she chose to request this for words with prefixes that totally change the meaning of the word. These are words like “disapprove”, “misstep”, “misconduct”, and “unheated”. You can help her out with most of the words because you know what they mean but there are some that even you struggle with putting them in a sentence. Pause for a minute and try to put these ones in a sentence or better yet try to explain to your child how to put them in a sentence. Not easy, huh?

Having access to an online dictionary for kids is a helpful homework tool. It will allow your child to search for the meaning of the words themselves. The idea is to teach your child how to be self sufficient. If you are always giving them the answers or doing things for them, you are putting them at a great disadvantage for the future. Instead of handing them the answer, have them look it up for themselves.

Most of the time, you are able to find an online dictionary by simple typing in the word you are trying to define in the search engine. You may also type in the word next to definition in the search engine. However, you will get a bunch of different dictionaries and the key is to find one specifically made for kids.

In this case, type in free online dictionary for kids and check out all that the internet has to offer. You can bookmark the site and let your child use it the next time they ask you what a word means. You may still need to help them figure out what the word means by putting it into a sentence but at least after they read the definition, you both have a better idea of what the word means.

It is not always easy to explain the meaning of a word to someone else, especially if you have to explain if you are trying to explain it to a child. Online dictionaries that were designed specifically for children will explain the word in a way that your child will understand. They are a helpful tool for you and your child.

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