Preschool Homework Ideas: How to Save Time

As a parent, preschool can be a largely intimidating and daunting experience, especially when homework is considered. However, there are a few ways that you can help your preschooler build fundamental skills in a timely fashion. Many preschool teachers agree that the allotted time for homework should be no more than fifteen minutes. Here are some tips to make your, and your child's, transition a bit easier.

First, and foremost, it is important to establish a routine or ritual for doing homework. It is helpful, whenever possible, to do it at the same time each day. So creating a schedule and staying organized is the best approach. Next, remember that learning for your preschooler should be fun. Also, it is most enriching when you, the parent, are participating in the child's learning experience.

As a preschooler, the following skills are considered the fundamentals:

Reading Help

Most preschoolers cannot read. However, the most important part of reading fundamentals will include your reading out loud to them. When you read together, it allows your child to learn story sequence and recognize letters. Lots of teachers will send home easy books that can be read aloud in a short amount of time. Also, the library and bookstores carry these types of books at little to no cost.

Math Help

There are a number of ways to instill basic math skills in your preschooler. There are a number of cards, books and games that will enforce these skills. The use of dominoes and UNO cards can be used for number and quantity recognition. Here are a few more tips for math skills help:

Shape and Color Help

Shapes and colors are an important part of preschool learning. There are flash cards that can help with recognizing different colors and shapes. Also, playing games like I Spy are fun ways for children to identify and become familiar with different shapes and colors. Also, it is important that you practice writing your child's name with him or her since that is also a fundamental skill.

There are a plethora of board games, nursery rhymes, online activities and worksheets that will make preschool learning easier and time efficient. The key is staying organized and being involved in the process of your child's learning.

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