7 Tips To Help You Do English Homework Without Effort


Getting your English homework done effectively is one thing that all students really desire. While there will be some minimum time and effort that you need to spend in order to complete your English homework, you can certainly minimize the effort and time by being smart and using the correct tools.

Some simple tips to reduce the efforts involved are quite intuitive. In fact we end up doing most of these from time to time.

  1. Make best use of the class notes- very often the homework is directly linked to the class notes. It makes sense to refer to the same while trying to complete your homework.
  2. Leverage available digitalchannels of information – in the past the English dictionary and thesaurus were only available in print. Now with education going digital, the leading dictionaries and English language study aids are available online. Use them judiciously while working on your English home work. Digital channels are a good place to find information on the latest research on any topic including the English language.
  3. Work smart – if you have limited time in a day and many assignments to complete, prioritise the same, work first on the ones due immediately (or the next day).
  4. Among these, work on the most important and complex ones first because when you are under pressure, these would be almost impossible to finish.
  5. Do not procrastinate- its human nature to procrastinate, do not do this. Try to complete your homework as you return home. This is because at that point in time, the content is still relatively fresh. Delaying completion on the assumption that there is a lot of time available, s only increases the pressure becauseyou’ll notice that all the home work keeps piling on for the last moment.
  6. Look for reusable assets - reusability is the mantra of the hour. Homework is not rocket science; your seniors would have done something similar. Try to reuse some of their assignments without of course plagiarising them. You should be looking for thoughts and inspirations and not copy them verbatim of course.
  7. Collaborate –you and your peers would be working on the similar home work. Discussion stimulates the thought process and collaboration helps reduce the efforts involved significantly.
  8. Read – there is not alternative to reading English language publications to gain a comfort on the language.This is especially true if English is not your native language. It is crucial to read quality publications all the time - fiction, non-fiction, the classics, newspapers, magazines etc. The moment you gain a command over the written word, the language will be easy. Once that is achieved, the effort in completing any English home work would automatically be reduced to a large extent.

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