What To Do When Your Teachers Give You Too Much Homework

When your teachers give you a lot of homework, and you have homework assignments from all kinds of different classes—your main tasks at hand are going to be to

  1. Stay organized above all things
  2. Get Tools to Help You Do Your Work and remain organized
  3. Find a plan of attack to get all these different assignments done
  4. Organize your time wisely
  5. Make a schedule that allows you time for homework and studying for important tests and quizzes.

First, You Need to Get and Stay Organized and Get Tools to Help You Stay Organized

I would never go through a semester or quarter of school when I had several classes full of assignment, unless I had the right tools of the trade. Above all, get yourself an expandable file folder with enough tab labels for every class you are taking. If you are taking six classes, you will need quite a large expandable folder and if you have only a few classes you can get a smaller one. Second, label those sections simply according to your different subjects. Make these labels easy to identify with a glance, until you get used to the organization of your folder. What you want is to be able to tear out your notes from each class and immediately shove them behind the other notes you have collected from the day or week before.

This is the best way I know of to keep all your notes organized for tests.

Also, since I’m using the expandable file folder, I only need one good legal pad—narrow ruled to get more writing on it—to take from class to class along with my expandable file folder and text books—You can tear your notes out of your legal pad and keep your notes clean and organized.


Pens are best to use when taking lots of notes because they allow you to write fast and, most of all THEY DO NOT FADE like pencil does. I use blue or black pens for everyone.

Next, You Need a Plan of Attack and Strongly Organized Schedule

What you need is to organize your time very wisely when you have a busy schedule. Break up your study sessions so you won’t get bored studying for any one class by striating your class study sessions.

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